Kirra – Eptalophos

The route Kirra – Eptalophos with a total length of about 33 km is not very difficult, mainly due to its uphill orientation. This is one of the most ancient routes in the area and falls in international path E4. It is well signposted and without counting the stops, the walking takes about nine hours.

The port of Kirra is the beginning of the route Kirra – Eptalophos. Following to Dragasia the ancient pilgrim path of the Oracle of Delphi, cross Kirra and enter to the olive grove. From there to the right, next to the cliffs of Krissaios Field, until a large tree and a source sign the start of a dirt path of the route Kirra – Eptalophos.

We cross the river valley Pleistos with direction to the asphalt road on the highway now Livadia – Delphi – Amfissa, very close to the archaeological site but also hundred meters from the tree of Delphi. From here begins the ancient Skala leading next to the archaeological site, till the ancient stadium, and even higher up the mountain. The big slope of the path gradually smoothed until to Kroki, the resort of the inhabitants of Delphi.

The information sign from Forestry of Amfissa is very useful in order to continue the route Kirra – Eptalophos, which leads to the large stone fountain. From here and now, we enter to the National Park of Parnassus: a torrent accompanies us to the plateau of Kalania, where stands the church of the Prophet Hlia. We continue north, we find the torrent and meet successively the “Big Fountain”, the “Lakka Arenti “and the sources of Agia Triada with the homonymous chapel. .

From there begins the final stage of the route Kirra – Eptalophos, the downhill until Eptalophos (Agoriani).

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