One of the many caves of Gkiona, the mountain that dominates with its height and size in Central Greece, is Korakofolia. It’s above the village Kaloskopi, at an altitude of 1,100 meters, in an area sheltered from those who seek it.

Korakofolia is considered as one of the best nature refuges of Gkiona. It was a refuge for the inhabitants not only of Kaloskopi but also for the other surrounding villages, both during the Ottoman period and the Revolution, as well as during the Second World War and the German occupation. The cave is large and suitable to resort there the women, but also the chieftains and the rebels when Korakofolia is used as a base.

Closer to Kaloskopi , at the east of the village lies the position Polemistres , from which especially during the Greek Revolution the Greek village chieftains were unobstructed view of the passages , to organize their defense , but also the attacks . The natural reserve of Korakofolia with Polemistres, offered to residents of Kaloskopi security against the enemies who countless times went Gkiona to annihilate them.

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