Madamia is a region with many springs near to the village Polydrosos of Parnassus. Until the early of 20th century, the locals used the many streams of Madamia in their crafts, especially textiles. From this process comes the word Madamia: specifies the machines, in a very simple form, then were used for the processing of wool and the weaving process. During these operations were taken place the procedures to construct bedding or traditional clothes of the mountainous Phocis: “tsouknes” for men and “segkounia” for women.

In Madamia, where is easy to arrive from the accessible dirt road from Souvala, as it was called the old Polydrosos, there is even an impressive medieval tower. The Tower at Madamia is quite well preserved until today, and reaches a height of ten meters! It is calculated that it was used not only as an observation, but also for the diffusion of messages through fire and smoke, as it was occurred with the ancient beacons.

Hydroelectric station that supplied with power the current area was constructed in the early of the 20th century in Madamia. The residents have exploited the power of water, electrifying the village, even when the power was good only for large urban centers.

In the crystal, icy waters in Madamia, many visitors in summer dare to a dip here!

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