Neraidospilia is situated on the slope of Parnassus, in the middle of a steep rock, outside the small village of Vargiani. It is one of the most spectacular mountain caves, whose stalactites and stalagmites couple hundred thousand years. A path leads to Neraidospilia from Vargiani, passing through lush landscapes with an endless view. The entrance of the cave reaches five meters in height and impresses visitors from far away.

According to the legends and traditions of the area, the Fairies of Parnassus live in the beautiful cave. The particular formations of the cave can only be created by ethereal creatures which enjoy its beauty and value. In reality of course, the elaborate formations of Neraidospilia is a creation of nature and groundwater which once flowed in the cave.  The soil has eroded in a unique way, forming countless serpentine grooves.

Vargiani is seven kilometers from Gravia and from the village to Neraidospilia leads the fairly passable path.

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