Oinochori or otherwise Panw Kaniani, is situated at an altitude of 870 meters on the slopes of Oiti, located 12 km away from Gravia and facing the mountains of Parnassus and Kallidromo.

Reaching the road Gravia – Kastellia, at the entrance of Oinochori, there is a stone cliff with a height of 100 meters with the name “High Kotroni “, which is used for ascensions and escalades.

In the east and west of Kastellia and in the west of Kaloskopi, Oinochori is located into the Controlled Hunting Area Parnassidas, thus becoming a transit area for hunters, hikers and travelers whose final destination is Gkiona and Vardoussia.

From Oinochori, began shortly after 1860, some of its inhabitants and they built in a nearby distance Kato Kaninani, which after is renamed to Apostolias.

Located about 4 km from Oinochori, one can also see the ruins of the Doric city Dryopi, one of the cities of the Dorian Tetrapolis.

Shortly before Oinochori, on the road that connects the village with the neighboring Kaloskopi is situated the source of Kefalovruso with the towering plane trees and the chapel of Agia Eleni, in which you can reach by a short path from Kaloskopi.


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