The paths of Kaloskopi

If you love hiking, prefer as base Kaloskopi and enjoy your daily walks in nature. The paths of Kaloskopi are too short, in the green and running waters. Here we present some of the paths of Kaloskopi which are recently preserved by the locals and they are quite easy for the majority.

Kakotrachi – Kefalovrysso: the paths of Kaloskopi that we all must walk. It is approximately two kilometers into the nature and a stream leading from the playground of Kaloskopi to Kefalovruso, just outside the village.

The fountains of Kaloskopi: From the basketball court of the village, where is situated Cold Fountain, begins one of the paths of Kaloskopi leading to all fountains of the village: the fountain Pap’laki (at grand-father’s fountain), the fountain Barmpesi, the fountain of the Virgin and finally the fountain Potimi, below the central square of the village. You will need less than an hour to ride it, depending of course the time you get to take photos at the stone fountains and running water!

Tsironeika – Agios Nicholas: The route takes about 40 minutes and goes through the Kalothanaseika, at the end of Kaloskopi. You will also see a stone bridge and an old flour mill, before arriving in Agios Nicholas, where Kaloskopites have their vineyards.

.Stroggulo-Mega Rema-Hani Zargkana: from Stroggulo to Mega Rema with the old stone bridge, you need about half an hour’s walk on the path of Kaloskopi. From there until Hani Zargkana, in 45 minutes more, through the trees and running water.

Kakotrachi – Agia Paraskevi : From Kollyreika to Kakotrachi to the church of Agia Paraskevi lasts about half an hour and during the route you will see an old mill and a beautiful stone bridge. .

Kaloskopi – Mnimata – Traka: from the paths of Kaloskopi which begin through the village  Fifty minutes after the top of Kaloskopi , we reach to Mnimata and after 10 minutes in Traka. A green plateau with running water and panoramic view from the slopes of Gkiona!

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