The village Penteoria, at a distance of 12 km from Galaxidi took its name from the fact that it borders with five communities

In Penteoria, there are still preserved archaeological monuments of the Pelasgians period while residents often refer to place names such as “palaces”, the “The Cave Pasha”, ” Palaiokastro”,” Sidiroporto”, etc.

At an altitude of 480 meters in Gkiona to the northwest of Galaxidi, Penteoria were spearheaded in the struggle of guerillas of the region during the Ottoman occupation and even near the village took place struggles of great importance during the Revolution. In “Palaces”, indeed, there are the tombs of legendary guerillas Astrapogiannos and Lambeti.

In Penteoria, the visitor can see the church of Agios Athnasios, who is the patron saint of the village, and the chapels of the Virgin Mary and Constantine and Helen which are famous for the festivals on 21 November and 21 May respectively.

In any case if you find yourself in Penteoria do not miss to taste kontosouvli and kokoretsi in the taverns, baklava and macaroons in patisseries, and walk in the green nature!

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