The large village of Parnassus, Polydrosos or Souvala, as it mentioned, has about 1500 residents.

At an altitude of 380 meters on the northeastern slopes of Parnassus, among the rich vegetation and the waters of Parnassus, Polydrosos owes its name to the rich natural environment.

Polydrosos is situated very close to the ski center of Parnassus (17km) and it’s attractive for the visitors, as it has an excellent tourist infrastructure for any time f the year.

The square of Polydrosos, with the large trees and the fountains, haw whatever the visitor and the traveler desire in order to enjoy a visit to the mountain.

The church of the Assumption is in Polydrosos and within twenty minutes walk it’s easy to find the sources of Agia Eleousa (Agia Alegousa, as mentioned from the locals of the nearby church), where there are the sources of Boeoticos Kifissos.

At a short distance, there are the ruins of ancient Lilaia, while before you can encounter the ruins of Panagia Mavromantila, a byzantine church of 7th century.

Originally, Polydrosos was built higher but the destructive earthquake of 1870, had forced the inhabitants to leave it in order to move in a lower altitude, where it is situated the village today. Seven kilometers from here there is the old village, Ano Polydrosos or Souvala, on the road for the ski center. It’s a small village in a dense forest, where the majority of homes have recently restored.

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