Pullets in Kaloskopi

The position of Pullets in Kaloskopi, located just outside of the village on the slopes of Gkiona. It dues its name to the point works like turret of the castle: stands high, overlooking the entire valley, while keeping hidden the attackers.

From Pullets in Kaloskopi have organized and carried out important actions of the Greeks Thieves and Guerillas against the Turkish troops. From the first moment of the declaration of the Battle, Roumeli rebelled throughout. It was evident that the Turks are turning their fire, when they marched to strangle the revolution. On their passage they destroyed villages and massacred women and children for bullying. The pullets in Kaloskopi not only saved the civilian population of the region and not only of the village, but was also the base for attacks against the Turkish army, which startled struggled to cope them, despite its superiority in number and weapons.

The testimonies indicate that in several such cases, although the village was empty and the women were brought to the cave Korakofolia, on the slopes of Gkiona to survive, the Turrets in Kaloskopi kept the enemy away.

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