Galaxidi is the naval town of Central Greece, the “mainland island” as many call it. The reason is the nautical tradition and the naval power acquired in the 19th century, when Galaxidi ships dominated the seas.

The settlement of shipyards in Galaxidi carries the maritime history of the city. It is the place where there are the shipyards, docks of the city, called Galaxidi Tarsanades, the paraphrase of the relevant Turkish word. Here it was the shipbuilders working section between the period of the development and produced the most robust and impressive works in the Mediterranean.

In this part of the beach of Galaxidi is easy the hauling and launching of boats and larger ships, which in the period of the development of Galaxidi were more wooden. In shipyard, all necessary servicing were realized, reef clearing, reef painting, caulks , palamismata, but especially in the shipyards of Galaxidi, manufactured already the sailing boats of the city that dominated the seas.

The outbreak of the Greek Revolution in 1821 met Galaxidi with a significant number of ships in the fleet. His role was crucial in the race, even though it was the largest contribution to the Nation Regeneration, when the shipyards were one of the most important centers of production ships which continuously force the naval force of Greece.

The decline in the shipyards of Galaxidi came with the advent of the steamboat, as in all shipyards in the country. Until today, however, at the shipyard of Galaxidi are created the best wooden works.

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