Very close to the “border” with Fthiotida is situated the village Sklithro, built at an altitude of about 850 meters on the green hillsides of oak in Oiti.

Sklithro, the last years, is inhabited primarily as a resort (in summer, during the holidays or weekends) thanks to its renovated stone houses surrounded by fir, oak, walnut and apple trees.

Among Parnassus, Oiti, Vardoussia and Gkiona, Sklithro with a landscape of wild mountainous beauty invites visitors for relaxing walks in nature.

When someone walks through the streets of Sklithro will encounter streams with willow trees, wild shrubs and clean waters that descend from the mountain.

The route is beautiful especially during the summer months and during the afternoon hours in the pine forest from Sklithro to the southeast and the village Oinochori.

A natural boundary for Sklithro and suitable for climbing, is considered the mountain range that separates it fromthe villages of Fthiotida, Pavliani and Skamno.


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