Source Zelis

Among the countless springs and fountains of Parnassus, the Source Zelis stands out. We will meet excursionists of mountain into the firs, natural glade in plateau into the forest, next to a small, modest church dedicated to the Holy Trinity.

The Source Zelis is on the path that leads from Polydrosos, old Souvala, to the top of Mount Parnassus and it is a definite stop for hikers. Many are those who choose the Source Zelis as an autonomous destination for hiking, as well as the route here is enjoyable in the beautiful nature and not particularly tiring. Its end, the glade in the forest with running water and a small chapel compensate even if those who fret with the minute hiking.

In Source Zelis, the visitors can sit, relax, enjoy a snack in nature and come into contact with it. In such places, in the mountain, however, it is required the absolute respect to the environment – they are of the few places that have been remained pure and “unexploited”.

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