Temple of Dimitra in Erochos

At the limits of the village Polydrosos, in Parnassus is situated the ancient temple of Dimitra in Erochos. The foundations of the ancient temple dedicated to the goddess of earth and fertility, Dimitra, it is calculated that they were built during the archaic period, the 7th or 6th century BC. Some cases of archaeologists conclude that the temple of Dimitra in Erochos was built in the 10th century BC.

Erochos was the name of the ancient city that was then in place, while it is considered that the temple of Dimitra in Erochos was the greatest of the area.

A number of archaeological findings has discovered by archaeologists in the temple of Dimitra in Erochos, including two inscriptions which illustrate the use of the building and where it belonged. External enclosure, second internal, large staircase leading to an altar or chapel consist the temple, the side of which was about 75 meters. The priestesses should take place in the temple of Dimitra in Erochos and esoteric mysteries, as was used in the worship of the goddess.

The findings of the temple are now exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Amfissa and they include rare procoins money.

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