Vitrina is one of the caves, probably the most impressive, which one encounters on the slopes of Gkiona, the highest mountain in Central Greece . Vitrina is situated in Mesonisi, outside the village Vounichora at an altitude of about 700 meters, 20 km distance from Amfissa.

The cave Vitrina estimated to be among the oldest of the area, which anyway has to show natural history of hundreds of thousands of years. At its entrance, the cave greets visitors with some complex formations that attract the attention and the interest. The ornate rocky formations succeed a more interesting interior of the cave, which it is worth to explore.

At a short distance of the cave Vitrina, there are still some interesting caves such as the cave Chousou in Tyflolakko, but also caves, called in local dialect as karkaroi, like Papakarkaros. Also near the Vitrina and Vounichora and at a distance of about 15 km from Galaxidi, there is a valley at Mpournias of Gkiona, with the natural lake which isformed during the winter months to make the landscape unique.

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