At a distance of 18km by Amfissa and 14km of Galaxidi is the historical mountainous village Vounichora.

Vounichora is built at the foot of Gkiona at an altitude of 680 meters and as the name says, it’s about to the village of the mountain. According to other sources, however, the prefix for the name Vounichora derived from the Latin vino, which means wine and referred to the excellent cochineal produced historically in the region.

The nature around is Vounichora has achieved great things: at the limits of the village, there is the unique beauty of the cedar forest, at “Bournia” a natural basin is formed by a small lake, and various caves are very close.

Olive trees, beehives, and the few herds today are the main occupations of its habitants and in the past outside of Vounichora operated a bauxite quarry.

The area where is situated Vounichora, is inhabited years of Ottoman occupation in the 15th century, with its residents to participate actively during the period of the Revolution and in pre – revolutionary uprising.

From Vounichora came the agonist Vlachothanasis in honor of whom is held every August at the village the festival “Vlachothanasia”.

Vounichora has completely destroyed during the occupation and it is a recognized agonizing village. On 10 April 1943, Germans and Italians burned the village in retaliation, claiming that the residents helped the rebels that a few days earlier had attacked to a German division in Agia Euthumia. The residents of Vounichora have been executed but a few women and children were saved as escaped by foot to Amfissa.

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