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The important buildings of the Rethymno prefecture have their own history inscribed in their unique architecture that goes along with the history of the place and are located mostly within the city of Rethymno. During Venetian and Ottoman rule these buildings were up and running, while today most of the buildings are used as venues such as Artillery Warehouse or the Mosque of Ibrahim Khan. Some buildings have daily operational use for today’s locals such as the Public Library of Rethymnon, the House of Counsellors, the Neratze Mosque, the Mosque of Veli Pasha and the Turkish School.

The observatory of Skinakas on the peak of Psiloritis is the one that will impress you the most.

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  • Ibrahim Khan Mosque

    The Ibrahim Khan Mosque is a site in the city of Rethymno, inside the Fortezza fortress, among other important buildings and next to the Episcopal Palace.

  • The Megali Porta Mosque (Mosque of the Great Door)

    The Megali Porta Mosque in Rethymno is located next to the Megali porta (or Great Gate) on the Tompazis street.

  • Neratze Mosque

    The Neratze Mosque is a building in the Old Town of Rethymno on Titos Petychakis square and is one of the most important monuments of the city.

  • Mosque of Kara Mousa Pasha

    The Mosque of Kara Mousa Pasha in Rethymno prefecture is a building in the Old Town of Rethymno at the junction of Arkadi and Hugo Streets.

  • Λότζια

    Η Λότζια είναι ένα μεγαλοπρεπές τετράγωνο κτίριο στην παλιά πόλη  του Ρεθύμνου, στη συμβολή των οδών Αρκαδίου και Κ. Παλαιολόγου. Η Λότζια οικοδομήθηκε τον 16o αιώνα με σχέδια του διάσημου βενετού αρχιτέκτονα Michel Sanmicheli και αποτελούσε ενετική λέσχη, χώρο συγκέντρωσης και συσκέψεων των ευγενών για να συζητήσουν ζητήματα σχετικά με το εμπόριο, πολιτικά και οικονομικά θέματα. Λειτουργούσε ταυτόχρονα και ως χώρος αναψυχής και χώρος που επιτρέπονταν τα τυχερά παιχνίδια. Το αρχικό σχέδιο της Λότζιας παραμένει ανέπαφο με μόνη αλλαγή την προσθήκη ενός ακόμα ορόφου το 1625. Αν και δημιουργήθηκε στα πρότυπα της Βενετίας και του Ηρακλείου, η Λότζια του Ρεθύμνου θεωρείται ότι υστερεί σε μεγαλοπρέπεια. Σήμερα, το κτίριο διατηρείται σε πάρα πολύ καλή κατάσταση, είναι τετραγωνικής κάτοψης με αψίδες στις τρεις προσόψεις του (εκτός της δυτικής).

  • House of the Councils

    The House of the Councils is located inside the Fortezza Fortress in the city of Rethymno and, particularly, on the Agias Ioustinis Street

  • Observatory of Skinakas

    The Observatory of Skinakas in Rethymno prefecture is located upon the homonymous peak of the Mt Psiloritis , built at an altitude of 1.750 meters.

  • Warehouse of the Artillery

    The Warehouse of the Artillery is located inside the Fortezza Fortress in Rethymno prefecture and is the first building after the eastern entrance to the Fortress.

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