Rethymno - Cultural Attractions

The prefecture of Rethymno is an area that offers the visitor cultural attractions of all kinds and for all preferences. From open spaces, which were transformed today into squares for the locals, to old Venetian and Ottoman monuments which revive memories of the glorious past of the city of Rethymno.

The Fountains of Rethymno are among the most significant cultural attractions, especially the Rimondi Fountain, with the Venetian harbor, the Erofili Theatre, the Megali Porta (the Great Door) and the Lighthouse of Rethymno completing the puzzle of its image.

Even the whole old city, with its great architecture and unique monuments, and squares, like Mikrasiaton Square, the Mitropoleos Square, the Square of Tessaron Martyron or the Municipal garden of Rethymno are cultural attractions that adorn the city and invite everyone to get to know it closer.

  • Lighthouse of Rethymno

    The lighthouse of Rethymno is one of the most important attractions of Rethymno County. It is located on the edge of the old wharf of the Venetian harbor

  • Titos Petychakis square

    The Titos Petychakis square (also called Platanos) in prefecture of Rethymno is located inside the Old Town, at K. Palaiologou Street.

  • Tessaron Martyron square

    Tessaron Martyron Square is the most central point of Rethymno, located shortly before the Megali Porta and the entrance to the Old Town.

  • Mikrasiaton Square

    The Mikrasiaton Square is located in the Old Town of Rethymno and it is the biggest square in the heart of the historical center

  • Mitropoleos square

    Mitropoleos Square in Rethymno prefecture is located in Rethymno and is the courtyard of the Megali Panagia, which the square was named after

  • Iroon Polytechneiou square

    Iroon Polytechneiou Square is a square in the prefecture of Rethymno, on the west side of the homonym city, in Sochora district.

  • Square of the Unknown Soldier

    The Square of the Unknown Soldier is in Rethymno, at Eth. Makariou Street and at the same place, where the gate of Ammou once was.

  • Old Town

    Built on a site of ancient Rithymna, the Old Town inside the Rethymno city is a gem itself and one of the Rethymno prefecture’s cultural attractions

  • Megali Porta (the Great Gate)

    Megali Porta, a name given by locals, is an attraction inside the Rethymno city located on Ethnikis Antistaseos Street and it’s the entrance to the Old Town

  • Erofili Theatre

    The Erofili Theatre in Rethymno prefecture is one of the most important cultural attractions in the city of Rethymno built in the 20th century.

  • Venetian port

    The Venetian port of Rethymno prefecture consists of the old port and the groyne with its lighthouse and is located in the Old Town of Rethymno

  • Municipal Garden of Rethymno

    The Municipal Garden of Rethymno is an attraction near the city center of Rethymno, at Tessaron Martyron Square

  • Statue of Kostis Giampoudakis

    The statue of Kostis Giampoudakis is a sight located in the Tessaron Martyron Square in Rethymno, close to the Megali Porta and the entrance to the old town

  • Statue of the Unknown Soldier

    The Statue of the Unknown Soldier is located in Rethymno, at the homonym square since 1930, where the Ammou Gate was during the Venetian rule.

  • Rimonti fountain

    The Rimonti fountain is an attraction in the center of the Old Town of Rethymno located at the Titou Petychaki Square in former center of the Venetian Town

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