Rethymno - Paths

No matter how well you think you know Rethymno during your journey, in fact the most incredible and hidden places of the prefecture of Rethymno are accessible by more or less rough paths.

The crossing of E4 path may seem an extreme sport, but trust Terrabook to walk you through them.

Crossing Crete at a high pace following the E4 path lasts about 15 days. The two parts of Rethymno E4 section, north and south, are crossing areas of great natural beauty and sites of important geological, archaeological, historical and cultural value in general. The northern axis enters the administrative borders of the prefecture from the village of Argyroupoli and the south enters from Rodakino. Both paths also offer the chance for hiking in the mountains Kryoneritis, Kedros and Psiloritis. The north path is recommended for those who are more interested in the period of the Venetian rule and modern culture, while the south is advised to those who are in good physical condition and whose interests lie in the Byzantine period.

Therefore, you can organize by yourself the excursions offered by various clubs of nature-lovers operating on the island since this kind of travelling in this particular area can be easily done by simply following the European E4 path. You just have to follow the signs of stone piles arranged at key points of the route to show you the way.

The routes that can be followed by the path in Rethymno area: Kallikratis-Argyroupoli, Argyroupoli-Agouseliana, Agkouseliana-Spili, Spili-Gerakari, Gerakari-Aplytra, Katafigio Toumpotos Prinos-Nida mountains, Rodakino-Agios KonstantinosAgios Konstantinos-Armenoi, Armenoi-Arkadi, Arkadi-Garazo, Garazo- Anogeia, Anogeia-Nida. On these routes, the tourists’ roar disappears and the exotic landscape is all you have.

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