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The prefecture of Rethymno and culture are two concepts completely intertwined. The elements of the local culture are present not only in the best preserved Renaissance town in Greece, Rethymno, but also in the whole region, from Psiloritis to the north and south coasts. Each conquest of the island had great architectural influence adding multicultural style, which make Rethymno the most attractive destination in whole Greece.

Through the city buildings, such as the Lotzia, and the archaeological sites of the prefecture, with the Fortezza Fortress and Ancient Eleftherna as most significant of them, we can see the culmination of the Minoan culture. The Venetian architecture is mixed with Ottoman opulence and magnificence and both of them unite harmonically with rich Cretan tradition. This combination can be found displayed in many important museums of the prefecture, such as Archaeological Museum of Rethymno and many more. When talking about modern development and structures, it is important to mention the Observatory of Skinakas, one of the world’s best modern buildings, that adorns the homonymous top. The Observatory studies the stars on the sacred mountain, named Psiloritis, where Zeus was raised.

In the important cultural figures, we should include also the churches and monasteries which are scattered from the highest peaks, such as the Timios Stauros (Holy Cross), to the seaside resorts. The churches and monasteries were used as fortresses at the time of the Revolution and supported the Cretans, who were thirsty for freedom and effortlessly shed their blood in her name.

Fountains and squares are also notable cultural attractions of Rethymno, the city of education and great minds that "gave birth" to Erotokritos.

Modern tradition had played a certain part in great, thousands of years old, culture, by honoring it through today’s celebrations, such as the Renaissance Festival of Rethymno, the Yakinthia the Rethymno Carnival or the Treasure Hunt. Through these festivities the guests of Rethymno have the opportunity to learn more about the past of the city.

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