Agios Paulos dunes

On the way to the beach of Triopetra, on the southern side of Rethymno prefecture, after about 10 minutes’ walk from the village of Agios Pavlos and in close vicinity to the village Sachtouria, you can come by a truly spectacular beach, Agios Paulos dunes.

This idyllic beach is known as Agios Paulos dunes, where, according to locals, St. Paul took refuge during his journey to Rome. The beach starts from the bottom of the sea, shaping big sand hills that reach the seashore, adding an exotic touch to the landscape. Huge “energetic” rocks separate the beach from these golden sand hills, with their height approaching 30 meters. To climb them will be extremely difficult under the midday sun. The beach has deep clear waters; although, sometimes, a western wind can create waves. The water temperature never falls below 15 degrees Celsius, making the beach ideal for swimming all year round.

The Agios Paulos dunes are considered ideal for moments of seclusion, as due to the vast area of the beach it is almost never crowded. This fact also makes it suitable for nudism.

The beach may not be organized, but behind the Agios Paulos dunes there is small village called Agios Paulos, which can offer taverns, rooms to rent and small organized beach.

In Agios Paulos dunes you can find various yoga programs and International fitness festivals are conducted every year.

From the Agios Paulos dunes you can admire magnificent sunsets gazing the Paksimadia islands. You can hike paths in order to enjoy the unique view to the rocks of Triopetra and the capes of Crete, which remind of lying dragons.


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