Akoumianos River

In close proximity to the village of Akoumia in Rethymno prefecture through a verdant valley, the Akoumianos River flows.

Akoumianos River is approximately 20 km long; it passes through Agia Galini and, subsequently, falls into the Libyan Sea.

Being the third biggest river, the Akoumianos River gathers the waters of numerous springs that spout at the slopes of Mount Kedros and Asiderotos and can supply the nearby regions with water all year round.

Passing through, the Akoumianos forms some of the most beautiful and biggest waterfalls throughout Crete, while it creates a wonderful wetland with bushes, reeds and small lakes till the beach of Stomio.

Akoumianos flows along the southern side of the Mikri Triopetra beach, separating it from the  Agios Pavlos dunes.


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