Amari valley

The Amari valley is located in Rethymno prefecture , to the southeast of Rethymno  and spans from the northern part of Crete to the southern. Between the Mt Kedros  and the Mt Psiloritis , at an altitude of 400-500 meters, the Amari valley, 25 km long, is one of the main passages from north to south, playing a key role in the history of Crete, especially during the Turkish occupation.

The Amari valley is a fertile and verdant area, due to many rains, suitable for many kinds of fruit trees cultivation. This is where the Platis River  springs from, flowing  down to Agia Galini  and you can also see the well-known River Dam in this area, one of the largest dams of the island. The Patsou canyon  and the cave of Agios Antonios  are the most famous natural attractions of Amari. Many rare plant species that thrive in the area make the location breathtaking, especially in spring.

Round the Amari valley, an area where history and nature create a unique landscape of inconceivable beauty, gorgeous, picturesque villages make their appearance with other times’ flavor. Villages, such as Fourfouras , Monastiraki , Apodoulou , Thronos .


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