Anogeia – Nida

The E4 route Anogeia – Nida is 22 kilometers long and its estimated time is 8 hours.

 The route Anogeia – Nida starts from Anogeia and bypasses the public road from the west, leading to the area of Zominthos, but first it will take you to the church of Agios Yakinthos. Alternatively, you can cross the peak on its southern side. Then, if you come down to a small valley, you will come across the previous path, which will lead you towards south. From there, you will ascend the top of the hill, with its mountain lodge of municipality of Anogeia, and you will take the dirt-road towards northeast to the Zominthos valley.

After this, the route Anogeia – Nida follows the asphalted road and comes across the spring of Agia Marina and the church of Agios Mamas and finally reaches the crossroad leading to Skinakas Observatory. From the Petradolakia, choosing the southeast path, you will reach the southern flank of the Mount Skinakas, where the Observatory is located. On the windswept bare top of 1.752 meters, the view at the entire eastern side of Mount Psiloritis and the greater part of the prefecture of Rethymno is breathtaking. Follow the main road, leaving the entrance to the Nida plateau behind, and cross it from the southeast.

Generally, the landscape of the route Anogeia – Nida is bare and rough, while the wider area is considered a heaven for speleologists. In Zominthos, in particular, the only remaining in Crete maple grove and the impressive hawthorn will startle you. A rare, endemic to Crete, plant called Chortsisrea grows on the nearby small plateaus. One of the four endemic genera in Greece, it belongs to endangered species.

Ideal period to hike the route Anogeia-Nida is from March to November and it is considered one of the rather easy routes.


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