Argyroupoli – Angouseliana

The E4 route of Argyroupoli – Angouseliana is 23 km long and it will take you approximately 8 hours to hike it.

From Argyroupoli you will head to the east, where there is an old path, between the school yard and a small church, descending from an olive grove. After approximately 150 meters, the path will cross an asphalt road and will continue leading down along the ravine. After it passes by the small chapel of Five Virgins, it will lead to the riverbank where you will find an old fount with water. Right at the point where the fount is, you will cross the river and go deep in a forest of myrtles and carobs. Following the marks, you will keep going for another 800 m approximately until you find a dirt-road and a mud brick-built farmhouse on you right hand. Continue following the dirt-road along the dry-stone-built walls and after 300 m you will see an asphalt road, which you will have to cross, and enter another dirt-road that will ramify a bit further. On your right hand you will see a paddock and, following the path course to the left, you will see the first houses of the Kato Poros settlement. At the exit of the village, there is an old path, which ascents a bit, but afterwards, it will lead you down the slope for 15 minutes approximately. You will leave the dirt-road and turn to your right, down to the west bank of the river. After a few meters’ walk you will see on your right side an old lime-furnace.

At this point, the path follows the stream, which is, in fact, the beginning of the gorge. After about 1 hour you will reach the left – east bank of the river and you will begin ascending the narrow passage and, once you reach the top, you will get down to the torrent surrounded by oleanders, to find a small cemented passage and reach the southern bank of the torrent. Follow the dirt-road to the right, towards west and, in about 300 meters, you will come across another dirt-road, wider, which you will follow for about 1,500 meters till you reach the Velonado village. On your left, just before the bridge, another dirt-road starts that will lead you for about 100 m along the river bank to a point, where big plane trees grow. Here, you will leave the dirt-road, which will turn left, and take a walk along the river bank entering the Moundriano gorge. Moving away from the river bank, you will take a slightly ascending old path on the left slope of the gorge. In 1 hour and 15 minutes approximately since you have entered the gorge and followed the path to your right, you will reach the Mountros village.

Continuing the route Argyroupoli – Angouseliana from the west exit of the village, where there is an old fountain with fresh water, a narrow uphill starts and, after leaving the village behind, it reaches up to an old primary school and then continues southeast following the flank. The old cobbled path passes near a small chapel and after 25 minutes, since you exited the village, it begins to head south till it reaches the ravine on its west flank. Once you reach the gully, the path becomes even clearer climbing slightly a dry canyon. In about 2.5 km in total, since Moundros village, at the southern exit of the gorge, you will find remains of the old watermill. Crossing to the east slope of the ravine, you will follow a dirt-road in very poor condition. In 300 m, there is a crossroad with right, left and middle offshoots. You will follow the middle offshoot and in about 100 meters you will find a little wider dirt-road. Following its left side, in another 100 meters, turn right to another dirt-road and you will always go straight until you see a small tank with drinkable water. Slightly ascending, you will pass a mud-brick-built shed. On your left, between the dirt-road and oblong rocks, there is an olive grove. Shortly after the top of the hill, there is a small stone-built house and a fork. You will follow its right direction and at the second fork, you will turn left.

Crossing a small ravine with plane trees around, you will find yourself in front of the bank of a second ravine or else at the place called “Bride’s Rivers.” Here you can relax or spend the night. After leaving behind the gully, continue east following the dirt-road. Immediately, you will find a mud-brick-built shed on your left and, a bit further, another small ravine. Crossing it towards north and then to the east, you’ll reach a wider dirt-road. Turn right-south and in 500 meters, at the fork, turn left. Now you can gaze at the valley of Agios Vasileios going down the hill and when you reach the junction with the church on your right, you will see the first houses of the village Angouseliana.

Winter period is considered ideal to hike the route Argyroupoli – Angouseliana, while it is suitable for adults as well as for children.

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