Arkadi – Garazo

The E4 route Arkadi – Garazo is 32 km long in total and will take you approximately 11-12 hours to hike it.

The route Arkadi – Garazo traverses the Arkadi monastery plateau, from which you will follow the asphalt road, leaving behind the tank for meltwater on your right. After a short while, you will find yourselves on the top of the hill, where you can see a small plateau on your right with a path towards northwest starting there. The old indistinct path crosses the bushy hill and leads you, after about 1.200 m, to the cavity on northern flank of the hill, where among kermes oaks the remains of small monastery are still visible. After that, the path passes by the church of Agia Paraskevi, reaches Eleftherna, crosses the homonymous ancient town, approaches Langa and Vergiana and ends up in Margarites.

From there, the route Arkadi – Garazo continues through some villages. At the northeastern exit of the village of Margarites, there is a small square, where an ascending road, leading to the church of Transfiguration of the Savior, starts. East of the church, a dirt-road begins, which you will follow towards southern direction, going through a landscape of cypresses and olive trees. After approximately 400 m, you will come across an offshoot to your right, which you will ignore and continue going straight ahead for another 400 m until you reach a Pigouniana settlement. You can traverse this almost abandoned settlement, following the eastern direction of the country road for about 1.5 km until you reach the Orthes village. At the eastern exit out of the village, on your left hand you will see a deserted building with sculptures. Continue walking on a carriageable road till you reach the traditional village Kalantare, which you will bypass from the north and, then, you will come across the settlement of Kalama. Cross the bridge of the settlement and turn right following the asphalted road. Keep going for another 500 m on the main road until you see the left detour of the road, which you will take and after about 1 km you will come along Dafnedes village. After 600 m you will find a country road, which you will follow towards its right direction leading to Episkopi.

At this point of the route Arkadi-Garazo there are a lot of bushes and carobs that will make your course difficult, until you reach your destination in Garazo.

Ideal time to hike the Arkadi-Garazo path is from January till December. It is considered one of the easy routes with gentle slopes, but it is also a tiresome one.

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