The E4 route Armeni-Arkadi is 15 km long and its estimated time is 9-10 hours.

The E4 route begins at the Late-Minoan Necropolis of Armeni and rises up to the top of Vrysinas by a dirt-road. Then, it comes through a small col at site Spathi and, at an altitude of 670 m approximately, after the water tank, it goes down to Selli. From there, you will follow an asphalt road for 1 km towards northeast and you will see a dirt-road diversion to your left. Following it, you will ignore a new left bypass and after a little bit you will turn right. After 850 m of hiking on the dirt-road, you will reach a mud-brick-built fold. Keep going for another 400 m approximately, until you see an oblong dilapidated structure to your right. In a few meters towards north you will get off the dirt-road and enter an indistinct path on you right hand, which follows the eastern flank of the hill overlooking the Potamon (River) valley on your right. After 650 meters, you will find another abandoned structure in front of you and immediately after that, a dirt-road. You will follow this dirt-road towards north, crossing a forest with olive trees, kermes oaks and ferns and end up, after 1 km, on a country road Rethymno-Amari. Turn right and in about 200 m you will see a church of Agia Fotini in front of you.

After the church, the route Armeni-Arkadi continues towards Myrthio, bypasses from the southern side the village of Prasses and keeps going towards Charkias and Kavousi and ends up at Arkadi. The view at the city of Rethymno and the Cretan sea from the peak of Vrysinas is majestic.

An ideal period to hike the route Armeni-Arkadi is from March till April and it is rather difficult to walk, if the weather is not suitable.

While hiking the Armeni-Arkadi route, you can visit the Arkadi monastery.

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