Bali is a seaside village on the northern coastline of Crete in the prefecture of Rethymno, located approximately 35 km far from the city of Rethymno.

Built on a rising ground of a small peninsula, where the giant Talos was worshiped, the village of Bali has two bays on its west side, which provide safe anchorage almost during every season.

The settlement of Bali was established during the Ottoman rule and the Turkish word balik, meaning fish, was the origin for the name of the village. The village is considered to have been constructed on a site that used to be the ancient Astali, the port of the Ancient Axos settlement, used for unloading supplies during the numerous revolutions.

The history of the village of Bali almost exceeds one century. From a fishing village it has become an important tourist center of the South, offering all kinds of services. Testimonials show that the first buildings, located around the current port, were properties of the merchants from Heraklion.

If you are lucky, during your visit to the village of Bali, you will take part in the feasts of the area and have fun with the locals. The three most known festivals of the village are the feast of Agia Triada (Holy Trinity), the feast of Panagia (Virgin) the Charakiani on August 15 and the feast of Agios Ioannis at the Attali Monastery on August 29.

The village of Bali is considered an ideal destination for summer holidays because of its numerous beaches with crystal clear waters and rich seabed.

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