Gate of Ammou (the gate of Sand)

The gate of Ammou was one of the entry points to the old town of Rethymno during the Venetian period, along with the Megali Porta and the Marmaroporta. The gate of Ammou was in particular the eastern entrance in the city wall, in the district around the current Square of the Unknown Soldier and gave its name to the district inside the walls during the Venetian times.

 This neighborhood, known as the district of the gate of Ammou, which during the Ottoman period was called Kum Kapi, was part of the wider region that sounded as Sabbionara (or Sabbionera), because it was in the beach area (sabbia=sand, ammos=sand). Later, at the end of the Ottoman rule (1886-1888), in notarizations, the district was referred to as “Seperia” as well.

Like the Megali Porta, the Gate of Ammou opened at sunrise and closed at sun dawn, while Marmaroporta, opened and closed only for military purposes. The door panels were wooden with exterior metal cladding, as the most castle gates were made.

Around 1900, the Gate of Ammou, which lies today at the beginning of the Arkadiou Street, was demolished for the needs of further city expansion.

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