The E4 route Gerakaris-Aplitra is 22 kilometers long and its estimated time is from 3 up to 8 hours.

From Gerakaris, the E4 route goes towards Ellenes and Amari. After that, it passes through Opsigia, Petrochori, Vyzari and Fourfouras.

After the Iroon Square in Gerakaris, you will walk 450 m toward the north exit of the village. On the dirt-road, turn right and after 150 m take the indistinct descending path, which crosses a small stream and then rises towards the village Ellenes.

From Amari, follow the country road to its east direction, going through the village Opsigias and you will approach the Monastiraki village.

From Fourfouras, you will follow the southern direction of the asphalt road, for approximately 150 meters.

At this point, an ascending to Psiloritis begins, following a country road up to an altitude of 760 meters. After that, there is a path that leads to the Toumpotos Prinos shelter. At this part of the route you will follow the marking of the E4 path on the rocks in yellow and black colors.

For its biggest part, the route Gerakaris-Aplitra crosses a verdant landscape, which ends up in an oak forest. Northeast of the Bythri, at the root of a steep rock, there is the spring of “Aplitra” at an altitude of 1300 meters.

Ideal months for hiking the route Gerakaris-Aplitra are December and January and it is considered rather difficult route to follow.

On the path Gerakaris-Aplitra, you will pass through the archaeological site of Monastiraki.

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