The E4 route Kallikratis-Argyroupoli is 16 km long and its estimated time is 5 hours.

Heading to the Kallikratiano gorge and at its entrance, turn left on the dirt-road towards Asi Gonia. Initially, you will cross a small dry valley and after about 45 minutes the west region of Rethymno prefecture will appear in front of you. From this point onwards, you will begin to descend following the road that meanders on the slope. In the middle of the slope, on its northern side, you will come across the settlement of Asi Gonia. Continue the dirt-road and after approximately 2 hours and 15 minutes you will get to the square of the village.

Resuming the route Kallikratis-Argyroypoli from the square of Asi Gonia you can follow the paved road, descending, until you reach the bottom of the valley, next to a beautiful stream surrounded by plane trees with the main road meandering alongside of it. After three kilometers along the west bank of the river, between the slopes of the canyon, you will pass to the eastern bank going up through stunning scenery with springs. At the point of the road where on your right there are springs and on your left an old watermill, a path starts, which climbs to the right between the verdant slopes and after 5 minutes intersects a paved road. From there, you will turn left saluting the first houses of the village of Argyroupoli.

Perfect period to walk the path Kallikratis-Argyroupoli is the winter season, while it is suitable for kids and adults alike.


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