Marine Life Museum

The Marine Life Museum of Rethymno prefecture is located on the Arapatzoglou Street in the center of the Old Town of Rethymno.

It is housed in an impressive ground floor of an old two-storey building, with the Venetian doorway and windows with elaborate decoration standing out on its façade. According to literary sources, during the Venetian period, the ground floor of the building hosted an institution that provided food and shelter to the Latin clergy or the poor and the homeless Rethymnians, while on the first floor resided a senior cleric, probably the Catholic bishop of the city.

Being actually a part of the Moschakio Athens Museum, the Marine Life Museum is dedicated by its founders, the Moschakis family, to the memory of their child, who in 1941 was lost to the silent world of the sea.

The Marine Life Museum displays a large collection of mollusks, sponges, Cnidaria, various species of fish and some fossils, a small part of nearly 11,000 fossil pieces that are displayed in the Moschakio Athens Museum.

From the phylum of Cnidaria, the order of Gorgonacea and the suborder of Oktokorallia, some Sea fans (Gorgonia) are exhibited. From various species of fish, you can see here sharks, puffins, puffer fish and seahorses. Among the mollusks that are displayed in the Marine Life Museum the most standing out classes are: Amfhineura, Lamellibranchiata or Bivalvia, Cephalopoda, Gasteropoda and Scaphopoda.

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