Municipal Garden of Rethymno

The Municipal Garden of Rethymno is an attraction near the city center of Rethymno, at Tessaron Martyron Square at the borders of the Old Town with the new town.

A green area that consists of a playground, hydrants with fresh drinkable water, a fountain and a cafeteria is the Municipal Garden of Rethymno, the third to be created in the city in 1925 after the Police School Garden and the today’s Customs Garden in the old port.

The Municipal Garden of Rethymno, the biggest and the most significant deed of the mayor Menelaos Papadakis (1883-1942), who hailed from Akoumia, and his successor, Titos Petychakis, originally was a Turkish cemetery. After the Turks had left the city, the council has decided not to rebuild this area, but to create a garden out of respect for the dead. This garden, which for decades has been the reference point and the cool haunt for the whole city, hosts the bust of Euaggelos Fragkiadakis, the bust of Titos Petychakis and the bust of Stylianos Kleidis.

The Municipal Garden of Rethymno is considered particularly special since it is a home to rare plant species, it is also used as an exercise place and hosts political and cultural events, such as the Wine Festival and more.


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