Nikiforeios Road

Nikiforeios Road is a sports event of the prefecture of Rethymno established for the first time in 2014.

An event organized by the Sports Department of the Municipality of Rethymno in collaboration with the Health Runners Association of Rethymno and cultural societies of the region, the Nikiforeios Road is a marathon that includes a range of other sports activities. These activities include: a Road Race 22.600 meters in length, a Road Race and a Power Walking 5.300 meters long for adults following the route from Agios Konstantinos until Kalonihtis, a Relay Race 2 X 11.300 meters, a Junior Road Race of 1.200 meters following the route from Prines to Atsipopoulo and of 2.000 meters from Palailimno to Kalonihtis, Cycling route of 22.600 meters starting at Atsipopoulo and ending in the village of Kalonihtis and a naturalistic mountain hiking.

The aim of Nikiforeios Road is the motivation of all residents of Rethymno, regardless of age, to participate in sports activities and the simultaneous promotion, through sports, of the rich hinterland of the Municipality of Rethymno, highlighting the history and the beauty of the place.

The Nikiforeios Road is performed in honor of General and Byzantine emperor Nikiforos Fokas, who liberated Crete from the Saracens in 961 AD.

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