Oak forest of Kastello

The oak forest of Kastello is one of the most interesting natural sites of Rethymno prefecture .

Consisting of private and public land properties, the oak forest of Kastello spreads over a wide area, starting from the Gallou Settlement  and covers, with dense or sparse clusters of trees, areas of the villages Somata , Kastello  and Armeni .

The species of oaks that grow in the oak forest of Kastello are the Quercus macrolepis, which are arboreal, of medium height and of diverse ages, growth and regeneration. In the past, this species were cultivated and used for tanning, while today, it has been substituted by various chemicals, so the cultivation stopped.

In the oak forest of Kastello the regeneration of the clusters of Quercus macrolepis is easy, mainly within the private lands, and this is due to the particular characteristics of the plant and the fences that the farmers set to delimit their properties.

The value of the concrete forest has been known since the antiquity, since the oaks were considered sacred trees.


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