Papageorgoulakeio Folklore Museum in Asomatos

The Papageorgoulakeio Folklore Museum in Asomatos is located in the prefecture of Rethymno, in homonymous village, and is the personal collection of the priest Michalis Georgoulakis.

The rich collection of Papageorgoulakeio Folklore Museum in Asomatos consists of everyday objects, farm tools, furniture, old banknotes, fabrics and religious items, which represent the Cretan tradition over the years.

Liturgical objects and historical relics from the years of the Turkish occupation, the two World Wars and the subsequent political events reflect the history of Crete. Father Michalis started his collection when he was 15 years old. The collection is the result of his personal attention and is housed in his beautiful home, where he used to live. Father Michalis died in October 2008 at the age of 87 and since then the Papageorgoulakeio Folklore Museum in Asomatos has been operated by his son Giorgos and his daughter-in-law Romi. The exhibits are explained in 4 languages in Greek, English, German and French.

 Apart from the mansion, which was turned into a museum, you can also find there a beautiful traditional cafeteria and a souvenir shop, while the space can be used as venue for cultural events, such as concerts with live music, periodic exhibitions and more.
Opening hours:  every day 10.00 – 15.00.

Admission fee: 2,50€.



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