Prinaris Olive mill

The Prinaris Olive Mill in Rethymno prefecture is located in Chromonastiri on the central square of the village. The Mill operates as a museum and as an educational and informational center about the culture of olive, oil and mills.

The building of the Prinaris Olive Mill was probably built in the early 18th century, although, because of the Venetian columns in the northeastern corner, some tend to believe that it is older. This building is the old mill that belonged to Prinarakis family, who it was named after, and operated normally until 1958. In 1980 it has been declared a historic monument.

The olive mill, once it has been restored and renovated by its owner, is a visitable place, where the visitor, apart from the actual oil production facilities, may witness all the necessary equipment for the process, knitted sacks, cans and photos.

In the center of the eastern part of the Prinaris Olive Mill there is the actual olive mill dominating the place. As it was common in several mills during their functioning, this space was used as a storage space for olives and in summer it served as a winepress to produce must. Today, for space saving, the winepress is covered by a wooden deck with a small ladder leading to the top of it, while the inner part is used as storage space. In a special room all the equipment of a village house of the last century is displayed, when houses were single-spaced and all the living activities were performed in that single room.

The Prinari Olive Mill, after the renovation and the restoration of the place and the equipment, had been granted to the Cultural Society of Chromonastiri by its founder Michail Prinaraki and it is visited by over 3,000 people each year, including many schools.

There is the Military Museum of Chronomonastiri near the Prinari Olive Mill.

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