Rethymno Beach

Rethymno beach lies on the east side of the homonym city in Rethymno prefecture, approximately 1 km from the city center.

Rethymno beach is a large sandy beach and belongs to the extended seacoast of the Rethymno County. The beginning of the seacoast lies within the city borders, continuing to the east, outside the city, until it reaches Skaleta region.

The whole Rethymno beach is covered by fine brown sand.

The part of Rethymno beach that is inside the Rethymno city is overcrowded during the summer season. The beach is easy to get to, fully organized with all kinds of facilities provided, including water sports.

The Rethymno beach is in the immediate vicinity of a popular tourist area; however, it is the exact place where Mediterranean sea turtles Careta-Careta “chose” to lay their eggs. So, during your visit to the beach, you may come across some fenced spots, where the turtles took refuge.

The Adele beach is very close to the Rethymno beach.

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