Rethymno Carnival

The Rethymno carnival is organized in Rethymno prefecture on the last Sunday of Carnival.

Counting nearly a century of existence, the Rethymno Carnival has won a place among the most popular carnivals of the country, with volunteering being the most important part of it.

During the Rethymno Carnival, the dance of carnival groups, with strong Venetian flavour, on the next to last Sunday of Carnival, includes theatrical sketches, which are directed by the group members and related to the topic of the main parade. The main attraction among the events is the game of Treasure Hunt, while all the visitors get the first glimpse of the wild party on the night parade, two days before the Sunday of Carnival. Traditionally, all of the Associations and the Clubs of the city cooperate and support the institution, recognizing the importance of carnival for the city’s economy.

Apart from the parade of the Rethymno Carnival, numerous traditions and customs compose the festival events, such as the “bride kidnapping”, the “moutzouroma” (smudging) and the Cretan serenades, which in combination with the “raki” (strong alcoholic drink), are the most successful recipe for the unique experience.

The Rethymno Carnival is one more reason to travel to the city of Rethymno and live an unforgettable party.


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