Rodakino-Agios Konstantinos

The E4 route Rodakino-Agios Konstantinos 20km in total and its estimated time is 7-8 hours.

On the eastern exit of Kato Rodakino there is a narrow uphill path that meanders up the slope between the olive trees for about 2 km, until it meets a dirt-road. At the left offshoot, the dirt-road crosses a small stream with oleanders; you will follow it to the eastern bank for a few meters until you come across a tap with running water. Go up the dirt-road above the spring and proceed to the left. After 50 meters, an offshoot trail will go up to a bushy hillside to your right until it crosses the dirt-road again. This will be repeated many times until you, finally, reach a left turn, after which the road goes west almost straight. Right at this turn, the scenery is full of fallen rocks between the road and the southern slope of the peak Krioneritis. On the right side of the road, there is a number 98 written on a rock. From this point, you will start ascending a steep slope following the black and yellow markings on rocks and the signs of E4. After 40 minutes, you will approach the site of Mouzouria. In the middle of the route you will pass by a small chapel of the Holy Spirit. Reaching the top, at an altitude of 1.310 meters, you will find yourselves in front of an unbelievable sight: in the distance (to the north) there will be the Cretan Sea and to the south the Libyan Sea.

After following the route Rodakino-Agios Konstantinos along the crest towards east for 10 minutes, you will turn left and descend a small cavity in the northeastern direction, which you will follow until the bottom, towards the stream with plane trees. Once you find yourself on the eastern bank of the stream, you will cross the dirt-road and continue doing down. Then, you will pass across and, after you leave behind the water tank, you will end up at the Alones village. From there, the path will take you through Vilandredo, the abandoned settlement Nisi and Kato Poros and will end up at the Agios Konstantinos. The route ends at the Kato Poros gorge and passes close to the spring of Krio Nero, where the mountain took its name from.

Ideal period to hike the route Rodakino-Agios Konstantinos is spring months and it is a rather easy route.

On the route of Rodakino-Agios Konstantinos you will find the beaches of Korakas and Polyrizos.

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