The E4 route Spili-Gerakaris is 19 km long and its approximate time is 8 hours.

The route begins at Spili, goes to the spring of Agia Fotia and from there, towards Kissos. It goes on through the Agiou Pnevmatos monastery, giving you the opportunity to visit Kentrochori and, following a climbing route, ends up on the top of the Mount Kedros and close to churches of Analipsi and Prophet Elias.

For the less sporty types, the path Spili-Gerakaris bypasses the peak Mavro Mouri from the south, crosses the southern edges of the Gis Kampos Plateau and ends in Gerakaris.

Ideal months to walk the route Spili-Gerakaris are from March till October, but it is considered a rather difficult hiking path.

The route Spili-Gerakaris comes through the Kourtaliotis gorge.

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