Tafkos of Zaforas

The Tafkos of Zaforas in Rethymno prefecture is a cave located at an altitude of 360 meters on the mountain Kouloukonas, at the site of Sterna Zaforas, near Cheliana village.

The most recent explorations, made by the Speleological Group of Crete in this area in 2003 came to a conclusion that the Tafkos of Zaforas is formed in the marble plates following some rift created in this region.

This is a small seamless cavern with a great presence of clay, while at the bottom there are numerous caved in rocks of various sizes that came from the collapse of the roof and the side walls.

The stone decoration with flowstones, small curtains and disintegrated stalactites is considered limited, compared to other caves, and characterized by a slight underground drainage only during the rainfall periods.

The cave of the Tafkos of Zaforas, 26 meters in depth, is the habitat for wild pigeons.

During the Turkish and the German occupation, the cave was used by the local inhabitants to kill animals of those, with who they were in dispute.

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