The Rector’s Residence

The Rector’s Residence belonged to the Venetian governor of the whole Rethymno prefecture and was located west of the central square of the Fortezza Fortress , opposite the Cathedral of Agios Nikolaos (St. Nicholas), which later was turned into a mosque of Ibrahim Khan.

The Rector’s Residence was constructed between 1575 and 1582 and inaugurated by the Rector Anzolo Barocci, who continued to make modifications until 1584, since he considered the building to be particularly high and exposed to the hill of Agios Athanasios (St. Athanasius) to the west of the city. According to the Venetian documents, it was an imposing building with 49 doors, 81 windows, two staircases and balconies. At present, only a small part of the prison, built by Barocci east of the main residence, is preserved. This section consists of an almost rectangular space covered by a semi-cylindrical arch. On its east side there are two rectangular openings and on the north a small round skylight. On the southern side another smaller space can be found also topped by semi-cylindrical vault and a large arched opening is on its west side, where today the entrance to the building is.

The Rector’s Residence has been restored by the 28th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities and it is expected to house the Museum of fortification architecture.

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