Approximately 32 km far from the city of Rethymno, towards the Amari and shortly after the village of Agioi Apostoloi of the prefecture of Rethymno, the Thronos village lies.

The village Thronos is located at an altitude of 540 meters on the western foothills of Psiloritis with a view to the Amari valley.

According to a myth, the God Zeus, proud of the beauty of the area, set up a golden throne on a hill where the current village stands and the village was named Thronos (=throne).

There has been human presence and activity in the settlement since 6000 BC, while the archaeological research shows a direct connection of the ancient city of Syvritos, one of the most important autonomous cities of western Crete that flourished during the classical centuries, with the village Thronos.

The Byzantine church of the Virgin Mary in the village of Thronos dates back to the 17th century and was built on the remaining mosaic floor of an older cathedral. Also, in the church of Agios Ioannis there is a part of sarcophagus with the crown of Kalergis dated to the 16th century.

The Thronos village, because of the tourist presence during the summer months, welcomes back several expatriates, who restored their old residences and rent them to the tourists.

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