Triopetra is approximately 52 km away from the Rethymno city and 13 km from the village Akoumia of Rethymno prefecture.

Situated at the roots of the mountain Siderota and close to olive groves, Triopetra is in the middle of a vast sea coast area called Akoumiani Gyalia by the locals.

Triopetra beach was named after the three rocks on its east side. It actually consists of two beaches, the Mikri Triopetra, to east from the rocks, and the (big) Triopetra or else, “at Chatzis’ ”, which extends quite a few kilometers to the west.

At some point in the past, the inhabitants of the Akoumia had built their farmhouses in the area of Triopetra, in order to spend the nights near their land. Moreover, several unofficial settlements were constructed near this gorgeous beach.

Triopetra beach has thick sand, crystal clear deep waters and magnificent sunsets, while it is the ideal place for relaxation. On the other hand, it overlooks to the west, so, it is vulnerable to strong winds. This makes it almost isolated and suitable for those who seek seclusion. The beach hosts mostly locals than tourists.

Triopetra is not organized beach, but there is an operating yoga center, where during the summer season, apart from a place to stay, you can attend yoga classes on the beach. The center also organizes meditation evenings under the stars. Moreover, the area is suitable for underwater fishing since it has the most incredible seabed.

You can reach Triopetra by car from Akoumia village or from Sachtouria.

Right next to Triopetra, there is a Ligkres beach known for its wild beauty.

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