Warehouse of the Artillery

The Warehouse of the Artillery is located inside the Fortezza Fortress in Rethymno perfecture. According to the Venetian plans, this is the first building that can be found immediately after you enter the fortress from the eastern side.

The Warehouse of the Artillery was constructed approximately in 1580-1581, when Bernando Pollani was Rector and consists of two storeys that have a wooden floor between them.

On the ground floor the heavy artillery and the cannons were stored, while on the first floor there were lighter ammunition supplies.

On the facade of the Warehouse of the Artillery there are four arched openings, where over the pillars two built-in plates stand out, where probably some blazon was carved, but it was not preserved. Inside the building, a row of three pillars supports the mezzanine.

Two semi-circular arches are used internally to top the building, while from the outside forms the flat rooftop.

Today, the Warehouse of the Artillery has been restored by the 28th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities and is being used for temporary exhibitions.

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