Woodcarving museum in Axos

The Woodcarving Museum in Axos in Rethymno prefecture is located at the beginning of the homonymous village at the root of Psiloritis, 45 kilometers approximately east of Rethymno.

Housed, since its inauguration in 2010, in a recently constructed two-storey building of 300 m2 the Woodcarving Museum in Axos includes the permanent collection of the wood-sculptor Georgios Koutantos. The collection consists of more than one hundred sculptures, handcrafted artwork made by a hammer and a chisel. The sculptures are natural-sized and some of them are presented even in a larger format, such as “The Eagle and the Serpent” 6 meters long, “My parents and I” 3 meters long, “The Little Mermaid” 5 meters long and others. Among the exhibits, traditional folk personages and themes are presented (“The lyre player”, “The Cretan”, “The Grandfather and Grandmother”, “Going to the Field”) or various religious content works (“Agios Georgios of Diskouri”, “The Dance of Isaiah”, ” The Farewell”). The timber used for the sculptures is collected from all over Crete and comes mainly from dry trees or uprooted by natural disasters trees.

The visitor, during the tour in the Woodcarving Museum of Axos, will be able to discover traditional elements associated with the Cretan inhabitants’ occupations, folklore elements, such as marking or “samia” of the cattle, sociological elements about the family structure and the position of both sexes in the society, as well as historical elements.

The Woodcarving Museum of Axos is a museum and an exhibition at the same time, as it is a result of the founder’s 20 years’ involvement with wood-sculpture.

For reservations and further details contact the following number 6937691387 or by an e-mail: [email protected]
Giorgis Koutantos or Tsakalogiorgis – the sculptor
Opening hours: Monday till Sunday 09:00 – 20:00
Admission fees:
Students: 3€,
Adults: 5€
Group and educational visits after arrangement

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