The Yakinthia is a cultural event that has become a tradition for the prefecture of Rethymno and is takes place every year in late July for three days in Anogia.

A celebration that had been held continuously since the summer of 1998 onwards, celebrating love, affection and its many meanings, the Yakinthia had been established as an important institution not only for Rethymno, but for the whole Crete.

As a festival, it was an idea and inspiration of Ludovikos of Anogia (songwriter and singer from Anogia) and other prominent intellectuals, who proceeded to formation of an institution under the name of “Corporation of Friends of Yakinthia Events” to commemorate Agios Yakinthos (Saint Hyacinth), the saint of love, of pure feelings, of creation and inspiration.
The Yakinthia festival is a combination of ancient and Christian celebrations that begins with the standard blessing by the priest of Agios Yakinthos of Anogia. This is essentially the beginning of the events, which include photographic exhibitions, lectures and concerts with well-known names of Greek music community as well as art events. During these days the local shepherds are making cheese and women cook, offering the guests the quality of art and taste.
The Yakinthia festival, which attracts many visitors from Crete, Greece and the Mediterranean region, is being actively supported by people of letters and arts, including Nikos Koundouros (director), John Smaragdis (director), Kostas Tsoklis (painter), Maro Vamvounaki (writer), George Grammatikakis (former rector of the University of Crete), Kostas Zouraris (university professor) and many others, who also participate in the events.

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