Samothrace - Churches of Samothrace

According to tradition, the churches of Samothrace are 999. The visitors will see mostly Byzantine churches, many of which are dilapidated, but standing for hundreds of years as witnesses of the religious traditions of the ancient island. The most important of the churches of Samothrace and the religious monuments of the island are: • The Shrine of Apostle Paul, a monument to the Apostle who spent there the first night of his European tour. • The Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary in Chora , where the skulls of the Five Neomartyrs are kept and • Agia Paraskevi of Samothrace, with the famous festival under the plane trees Remnants from paleochristian basilicas of the churches of Samothrace have been randomly found both in Kamariotissa, during the construction of the new church of Panagia Kamariotissa, and in Paleopoli, next to the archaeological site  which is considered the most important of Samothrace. At a short distance from the village Therma  lie the remains of the Late Byzantine church of Christ, another one from the churches of Samothrace that is considered a Byzantine monument of the island. At the location of Mandal' Panagia, 3 km. outside the village Prophitis Ilias, excavations at an outdoor ancient temple revealed the remains of a chapel of the Middle Byzantine period, considered one of the oldest churches ruins of Samothrace

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