Samothrace - Access

Samothrace is the only island in the region of Evros and you can access it through the port of Kamariotissa , situated in the northwest part of the island. The port accommodates passenger, commercial and tourist ships, as well as fishing boats, and is regularly connected with the port of Alexandroupolis , which is the main access point to Samothrace, since the island has no airport. The port of Kamariotissa is connected with the port of Kavala during the summer season. It is 29 nautical miles from the capital of Evros. The port is 160 meters wide, while its depth varies from 2.5 meters to 5 meters. Water supplies are available, essential supplies and fuel for order, as one can choose it to access the island, if one has his own boat. To the north of the island there is another port, the fishing port of Therma or Loutron as it is also called. It is situated 15 kilometers from Kamariotissa and has a windward and a leeward breakwater. The entrance of this port of Samothrace is approximately 50 meters wide and its depth ranges from two to three meters. Although it may also be used to access the island, one should be careful: its bottom is at places naturally silted, almost annihilating its depth and posing a risk for the unsuspecting vessels. Port Authority: Port of Samothrace Tel: 25510-41305 Fax: 25510-41385


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