Ascent on Fegari

The ascent on Fegari (Moon) is as difficult as it sounds! Although we are not talking of course about the celestial body but about the top of Mount Saos  of Samothrace, its steep landscape poses to climbers various obstacles until they manage to complete the ascent on Fegari and admire the incredible view from the top – according to the myth and to Homer, from here is that Poseidon watched the Trojan War.
From the village of Therma  starts the most common route for the ascent on Fegari, from the dirt road behind the antennas. Shortly after the path becomes very steep and passes through ferns. Afterwards lies a forest with very old oak trees and the trail is marked with E6 signs. At 1,100 meters above sea level the path crosses the stream Tsivdogianni, where you will find the only place with running water on your ascent on Fegari. The vegetation slowly thins out and the path reaches a mountain pass with a large arrow (the path that climbs from Chora ). Continuing eastward, the top of Saos is now not far away and the ascent on Fegari finishes at 1614 meters altitude.
The ascent on Fegari is about 8 kilometers uphill, a steep going in some places and takes about six hours.

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